Analyzing season 1 episode 3

This episode like the first two starts with a flashback from Shawn’s childhood, showing the traumatic event of his bunny dying because his dad throws it against the wall. Then the episode shows how Shawn’s autism affects his job when the loud helicopter makes Shawn freeze. Then the episode shows how Shawn is thinking again by explaining how he is thinking with a visual diagram of how his mind is taking apart the helicopter.
Shawn and his coworker then take the helicopter to get a liver for a dying patient; they go through a lot of trouble getting the liver back to the hospital which gives Shawn more horrific flashbacks to his childhood. When they get the liver back to the hospital, Shawn has difficulty connecting with his coworker because of his disability. She later finds out that she can connect with him by giving him space, and eliminating distractions to help him communicate what he is feeling. This will then be key for Shawn because he has someone in the hospital on his side who can help him when he faces troubles communicating and getting across his ideas.
The enigma I noticed my self doing in this episode was when Shawn’s coworker was trying to figure out how to communicate with him. I found myself doing the same thing I was trying to figure out the best way to communicate with him; I was trying to think of the different things that I would try with him to get across to him effectively.

Another enigma that I noticed was that when the patient was waiting for the hospital boards approval for the surgery; I was guessing what decision the board would come to before they came to it and whether or not the patient would live or die after the surgery.
The show used a lot of action codes mainly with Shawn. Anytime that Shawn was in surgery and the doctors were talking in medical terms they would show how he was thinking with diagrams; therefore using action code by showing the viewers what they meant but also hiding that they were doing so with Shawn.

What makes the show “The Good Doctor” worth studying?

Well, I have already binge-watched all of the episodes that are out for this show because I found it so fascinating, mainly because I do not know a lot about people with autism, and had no clue that they were capable of being a doctor.

When I watched the first episode I was shocked at how much detail that the creator put into the show, they showed images on the screen of what exactly was going through Shawn’s (the autistic doctor) head, they showed how he was problem-solving visually in his head, how he was thinking about an image of the anatomy of the body in order to help save the dying person.

Not only that but the fact that they use certain sound effects when Shawn is thinking, and how they draw arrows on the screen to show where his mind is going, and how they point the camera to the perspective that Shawn is facing. These may all seem like little things but in reality this just goes to show how when they created this show they wanted to get everything right, they wanted to put in the most detail that they could in order to show the audience exactly how Shawn was thinking and feeling.

This is what made me want to analyze the show, after seeing how much detail was being put into the show to try and show how autistic people think and feel was very eye-catching and interesting, I wanted to try and learn more about the little details that they put into the show that I had not noticed before.

After I had watched a couple of episodes I noticed that people were starting to talk about the show, people were outraged that the actor in the show was not actually autistic. But then I started to think to myself well why does that matter actors are meant to act out whatever role they are given, whether that be a Nero surgeon or a homeless man. So, in my opinion, I did not see a problem with it, especially after seeing how much detail they were putting into the show about Shawn, about his struggles doing everyday tasks, and then showing how he was managing to become a doctor.

Intoduction ‚Äčto Analyzing “The Good Doctor”

Do you ever watch a tv show or movie more than once and then see things that you didn’t before?

Well maybe this is because you didn’t pay as much attention as you should have, or maybe it is because you were not really analyzing the show like you thought you were. When choosing just one show to analyze and talk about it was hard, because I didn’t want to just pick a show because I liked to watch it, I wanted to pick a show that I would be able to pick apart, and look at from many different points of view. With choosing “The Good Doctor” many people have already voiced their opinions on it, and that will be great for me so that I have some different points of view to look at.

I am a junior studying at Plymouth State University, my blog will be about analyzing the television show “The Good Doctor”, I am 21 years old and I am majoring in Professional Communication and minoring in Marketing, so I aim to use this to improve my knowledge about analyzing media, and to better my communication skills with blogging because I am new to this as well.

This show is about a doctor with autism, it starts off showing his struggle with becoming a doctor, because when people hear that they are being treated by someone with autism they instantly judge him and feel that he will not be able to help them, as well as some people think that he will kill them accidentally. But his struggles do not stop there, most hospitals won’t hire him because they feel he will be a “liability”, he finally finds a hospital that will give him a chance, but he is always being held to a higher standard because of his condition.