What makes the show “The Good Doctor” worth studying?

Well, I have already binge-watched all of the episodes that are out for this show because I found it so fascinating, mainly because I do not know a lot about people with autism, and had no clue that they were capable of being a doctor.

When I watched the first episode I was shocked at how much detail that the creator put into the show, they showed images on the screen of what exactly was going through Shawn’s (the autistic doctor) head, they showed how he was problem-solving visually in his head, how he was thinking about an image of the anatomy of the body in order to help save the dying person.

Not only that but the fact that they use certain sound effects when Shawn is thinking, and how they draw arrows on the screen to show where his mind is going, and how they point the camera to the perspective that Shawn is facing. These may all seem like little things but in reality this just goes to show how when they created this show they wanted to get everything right, they wanted to put in the most detail that they could in order to show the audience exactly how Shawn was thinking and feeling.

This is what made me want to analyze the show, after seeing how much detail was being put into the show to try and show how autistic people think and feel was very eye-catching and interesting, I wanted to try and learn more about the little details that they put into the show that I had not noticed before.

After I had watched a couple of episodes I noticed that people were starting to talk about the show, people were outraged that the actor in the show was not actually autistic. But then I started to think to myself well why does that matter actors are meant to act out whatever role they are given, whether that be a Nero surgeon or a homeless man. So, in my opinion, I did not see a problem with it, especially after seeing how much detail they were putting into the show about Shawn, about his struggles doing everyday tasks, and then showing how he was managing to become a doctor.

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Carrie Daniels

I work at Bluegreen Vacations as an in-house marketing associate. I set a personal goal to make it into the top regional producer's list; this goal was achieved in my third week when I was named the 3rd top producer! After a month of being with Bluegreen, I am now looked at as a leader as I was recently promoted to Marketing Supervisor. I am responsible for my marketing team, as well as making at least 50-60 cold calls a day, and marketing face to face with around 30 clients a day.

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