Analyzing season 1 episode 3

This episode like the first two starts with a flashback from Shawn’s childhood, showing the traumatic event of his bunny dying because his dad throws it against the wall. Then the episode shows how Shawn’s autism affects his job when the loud helicopter makes Shawn freeze. Then the episode shows how Shawn is thinking again by explaining how he is thinking with a visual diagram of how his mind is taking apart the helicopter.
Shawn and his coworker then take the helicopter to get a liver for a dying patient; they go through a lot of trouble getting the liver back to the hospital which gives Shawn more horrific flashbacks to his childhood. When they get the liver back to the hospital, Shawn has difficulty connecting with his coworker because of his disability. She later finds out that she can connect with him by giving him space, and eliminating distractions to help him communicate what he is feeling. This will then be key for Shawn because he has someone in the hospital on his side who can help him when he faces troubles communicating and getting across his ideas.
The enigma I noticed my self doing in this episode was when Shawn’s coworker was trying to figure out how to communicate with him. I found myself doing the same thing I was trying to figure out the best way to communicate with him; I was trying to think of the different things that I would try with him to get across to him effectively.

Another enigma that I noticed was that when the patient was waiting for the hospital boards approval for the surgery; I was guessing what decision the board would come to before they came to it and whether or not the patient would live or die after the surgery.
The show used a lot of action codes mainly with Shawn. Anytime that Shawn was in surgery and the doctors were talking in medical terms they would show how he was thinking with diagrams; therefore using action code by showing the viewers what they meant but also hiding that they were doing so with Shawn.

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