Representation of Reality

When looking at how class is represented in this show I first thought about how the show is mainly about the medical interns, and how they always have to take orders from their superiors to keep their job. The idea of class in this show on screen is fundamental and is held to a high standard, as well as the fact that they are all doctors, so they all live like the upper-class community. As far as the representation of class off screen this show is aimed towards middle to low-class audiences because it shows how people in the high class live and how there work life is.

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When it comes to Race well, this show is very diverse as far as the main characters well the main character is white with autism, another is a black female, another is Hispanic, and the other is a white female. The show has many different people from very different cultural backgrounds, and although these people face many different obstacles almost all of them happen regardless of there race. The only real instances that race has a factor on in the show is with the patients, in one case this older gentleman will not let the black women touch him because of her race, he was a very old fashioned man. She eventually saves his life regardless of that, and she then explains what she did to save his life, and he has a change of heart and apologizes for his racism.
Off screen I do not believe that they have an intended race for the shows target market, I think that if they did have one, it would probably be a white woman in there early 20’s. Also, I think that why they have so much diversity on the show is because that is what the new social norm is, and when shows do not have enough diversity they are often scrutinized and the show probably did not want to have to face that so loaded the show with diversity, and maybe that is a reason as to why the show has continued, and why people like it so much.

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Looking into gender representation on this show well again like diversity they have a broad representation of gender, they have women in power, they have women who are leaders, and vice versa. As far as off screen I feel that this show is mainly geared towards women; because the people that I have personally talked to about the show talk about how their significant others (boyfriends and other guy friends) do not like the show because it is drama based and has a lot to do with relationships. A lot of people compare it to Greys Anatomy, which is a very popular doctor show that most men do not like. Greys Anatomy has given the doctor shows a certain stigma that all doctor shows are filled with drama and that they are made for women. So I think that the stigma has affected all doctor shows and has steered men away from them.

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